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We Need Moore. 

Moore Justice. 

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Moore Fairness. 

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Moore Equality. 

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Let's face it- we all will have to deal with the probate court at some point. It is a court that deals with family matters such as settling the estate of a deceased loved one, the recording of land records, and other dealings that are "close to home".Since the issues in Probate Court are significant (affecting basic constitutional rights), it is imperative that we elect judges that protect those  rights with vigor and diligence. In Jefferson County today,  we do not need unprofessionalism in the courthouse, nor do we need professional experience that has become arrogant and complacent. We need someone with experience, but also with zeal and compassion to make a difference. We need someone who's personal values are rooted in Justice, Fairness, and Equality without settling for less... We need "Moore".

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jefferson county should care about probate court because...


It is likely that everyone in this county  will have some form of dealing with the Probate Court in their lives. 


Probate Court is a true family court that deals with matters close to home, i.e. granting guardianships and conservatorships of incapacitated adults and minors, legal name changes, adoptions, and marriage licenses. 


Probate Court is where the issues above are settled, therefore, they affect your basic constitutional rights. 


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Vote For Moore because...


She has the professional experience and personal values to serve and do the job well. 


She is driven by her commitment to hard work, integrity and service to others. 


She understands, from personal and professional experiences, the lasting impact that Probate Court has on families, and her track record shows that she is someone that; listens well, has patience to attend to details, and is compassionate to help those who are dealing with life-altering and emotional issues. 

Click below to see more evidence on why she's ready to dedicate her professional experience and personal values to serve the people of Jefferson County as Probate Judge. 

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